Friday, April 13, 2012

What a week.....

It has been a week.  Spent it sick with a rotten old cold trying to do two jobs at once, which is never good and then yesterday I decided to get into a fight with my garden turtle - he won. LOL  So limping and coughing today.

The good news is that it is the weekend and I get to make soap.  I'm going to work on some more soap cupcakes as well as cheesecake soaps.  Yup I owe you all some pictures.  Here is one of the cupcake soaps I made last weekend.  Next time I will pour the soap right into these cupcake papers and make the icing just that little bit higher.  Overall I am happy with how they look.

The cheesecake soaps are a success too in that they make the most amazing lather I have yet to experience.  The only problem with them is that they take forever to set up.  So this weekend I am going to combine the two.  Make cheesecake cupcake soaps.  How does that sound?  I got some amazing fragrance today called fruit loops and it smells just like the fruit loops cereal that I loved as a kid, so that will be one fragrance I'll use and then maybe a citrus scented one.  So many choices.

I have confirmed that I will be at The Powell River Blues Festival the first weekend in June.  Now that is going to be fun.  You can learn more about the festival here including the line-up.  If you can come up for the show it will certainly be worth your while.  At least if you love the Blues!

I'm still trying to decide if I am going to do the Renaissance Festival in Langley, BC.  Stay tuned as I make up my mind.  That one is always fun, but a lot of work and a lot of expense.

So next up I should have some pictures for you of the Cherry Cheesecake soap.

Edited to add:

I've been asked for pictures of that notorious turtle who is so incredibly vicious and and strong!

So here they are.... LOL
Bad turtle!


  1. I really want to know more about your fight with the garden turtle! Other than he obviously won ;)

    Love these cupcake soapies <3