Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taa Daaa - Cherry Cheesecake Soap is in the house.

Cheesecake Soap Label

 I think I might have mentioned that I love this soap?  Maybe at least once, or more?  In case you missed it, I really do love this one.  So much so that I am developing a whole line and I can now introduce to you the label that you will find attached to all of them, whether they be cupcakes or traditional bars.

The soap is much softer than others I have made and it will take the full 4 weeks, if not 6 weeks to cure out.  Next time I make it I will reduce the amount of water in the recipe as well as add beeswax to it or sodium lactate to get a harder bar of soap.

The lather this soap produces is worth the wait though, thick and creamy, just like washing with a lotion.  My next batch will be made up as cupcakes and I already have the ingredients for 2 so I think I'll do Mango Papaya and Fruity Loops.  I will make the icing/frosting of a different recipe so I can get it thick enough, soon enough to put on cupcake.  I am really hoping to be at this tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me in my rambles and see you next time.


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